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2c7d4d7... by Adam Bieńkowski on 2018-11-09

Unminimze when actually switching to a workspace

1186762... by Adam Bieńkowski on 2018-11-09

Make minimize switch to a new workspace

be16d4a... by Allan Nordhøy <email address hidden> on 2018-10-25

gschema.xml: remove trailing period from key description (#265)

a1bad26... by Julian Raschke on 2018-10-20

Nvidia drivers: Refresh background and screen corners (#21) (#330)

* Nvidia drivers: Refresh background and screen corners (#21)

* Fix merge artifacts

* Remove unused GL_VENDOR constant

* Remove unused logind constants

* Cleanup: Turn refresh_backgrounds method into a closure

fe9f48a... by Felipe Escoto on 2018-10-17

Fix Multimonitor windows preventing workspaces from closing (#357)

Use on_all_workspaces instead of is_always_on_all_workspaces()

feffbf8... by Felipe Escoto on 2018-10-03

Fixed: closed windows being selectable with PIP (#355)

9747bd6... by Daniel Fore on 2018-09-17

Update multitasking-view icons to latest elementary palette (#336)

331404e... by Daniel Fore on 2018-09-17

Make close and resize buttons darker (#337)

1970bac... by David Hewitt <email address hidden> on 2018-09-10

Use separate daemon to display GTK window menus (#179)

* Use separate process to create window menus

* Reduce line count with code style changes

* Fix some formatting

* Code style fixes

* Prevent menu closing instantly after open

* Resolve warnings in new code

* Remove GLib namespace prefix from exceptions

* Update main.vala

* Remove timeout by positioning the menu outside of the mouse pos

* daemon: Use lambda as popup callback

* io.elementary.gala -> org.pantheon.gala

* org.pantheon.gala.daemon -> gala-daemon

* Clean up

* Fix daemon object path

* Some cleaning

2995cd6... by Adam Bieńkowski <email address hidden> on 2018-09-10

Implement org.gnome.SessionManager.EndSessionManager (#314)

... and forward DBus calls to the session indicator of wingpanel