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c609452... by Santiago on 2018-11-23

Merge branch 'master' into faster-keymap-upload

cf8d455... by Peter Uithoven on 2018-11-21

pip: Adjust button size and margin for screen dpi scale (#396)

Add reusable Util.get_ui_scaling_factor()

Fixes: #395

a2a4683... by Rico Tzschichholz on 2018-11-14

po: Update translation template

f44e95d... by Corentin Noël on 2018-11-09

Update travis to juno unstable

7261686... by Santiago on 2018-11-09

Cache precompiled keymaps and upload them directly to X11

It seems keymap upload to the X server is very slow, see #220. It looks
like uploading a precompiled version of the keymap is faster than
using Mutter's set_keymap().

This adds some XKB bindings for vala, and uses them to only upload
keymaps that have alredy been compiled.

c9c6338... by Rico Tzschichholz on 2018-11-08

Fix type-argument mismatches of GLib.(S)List variables found by newer valac

be16d4a... by Allan Nordhøy <email address hidden> on 2018-10-25

gschema.xml: remove trailing period from key description (#265)

a1bad26... by Julian Raschke on 2018-10-20

Nvidia drivers: Refresh background and screen corners (#21) (#330)

* Nvidia drivers: Refresh background and screen corners (#21)

* Fix merge artifacts

* Remove unused GL_VENDOR constant

* Remove unused logind constants

* Cleanup: Turn refresh_backgrounds method into a closure

fe9f48a... by Felipe Escoto on 2018-10-17

Fix Multimonitor windows preventing workspaces from closing (#357)

Use on_all_workspaces instead of is_always_on_all_workspaces()

fbc77e0... by Corentin Noël on 2018-10-05

Merge branch 'master' into implement-flash-area