Last commit made on 2018-07-08
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0237175... by Adam Bieńkowski on 2018-07-08

Apply blur effect for every tooltip window (experimental)

c2ab238... by Adam Bieńkowski on 2018-07-04

Go back to the previous blur strength config (smaller radius)

34f230a... by Adam Bieńkowski <email address hidden> on 2018-06-27

Merge branch 'master' into optimized-blur-vala

8e142b9... by Daniel Fore on 2018-06-27

Update POT and PO files

95dbdc0... by Adam Bieńkowski on 2018-06-22

Simplify dock copysample coordinate calculations

0f83b3a... by Adam Bieńkowski on 2018-06-21

Fix small texture movements when moving the mouse due to rounding error; increase blur strength

6af54e1... by jantrushar <email address hidden> on 2018-06-19

Fix background position for scaled actors (e.g. when animating) (#276)

eeec193... by Adam Bieńkowski <email address hidden> on 2018-06-08

Merge branch 'master' into optimized-blur-vala

447511d... by Adam Bieńkowski on 2018-06-08

Add RendererInfo class to obtain renderer information; disable the blur effect if there is no dedicated renderer

985baa0... by Corentin Noël on 2018-06-07

Ensure that the correct workspaces are removed (#269)