Code review comment for lp:~gagern/lightdm/preferred-users

Martin von Gagern (gagern) wrote :

Sorry that it took me so long to reply to this.

I patched my lightdm at the same time that I also disabled AccountsService support. It seemed to work at the time, but after your comment I found out that this was more of a coincidence.

It turns out that the GTK+ greeter will indeed store the last selected user, but it gives higher priority to lightdm_greeter_get_select_user_hint. It seems that at least on my system, AccountService sets these hints in a way that doesn't save the most recently used account name.

You are right that there is a discrepancy between [UserList] and [UserAccounts] as the title of the config file section. However, this is the result os some copy and paste, which means that existing code is affected by this discrepancy as well. So I guess you should fix this for the existing settings, although I'm not sure whether to better fix this by changing the program code or the example config.

I would very much welcome consistent behaviour for the case with and without AccountsService. But again this does affect existing settings as well. I see no reason against being able to manually hide users even if AccountsServices is in use.

As it stands, my patch is certainly not suited for merging. I'll try to address the issues you mentioned when I find the time. Before I'd do so, I'd welcome input whether you want the config section to be called [UserList] or [UserAccounts]. I'd also try to understand how these hints work, how AccountsService affects them, and whether it would make sense being able to override some of them.

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