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Robert Ancell (robert-ancell) wrote :

I've been mulling this over and I need some convincing this feature is important.

You mention the case where the GTK+ greeter always selects the first user, not the most common user account. Isn't this just a bug in the GTK+ greeter? Would it selecting the last logged in user solve this?

For this to be in LightDM the feature should be useful for all greeters. Given the above statement, I'm not sure why other greeters might want this feature.

If this feature did exist, it should apply to the ordering of the user list even if it's from AccountsService otherwise the behaviour is inconsistent.

There are some bugs:
- You read the config from [UserList] but data/users.conf says it is in [UserAccounts]
- preferred_users should be a field in CommonUserListPrivate, not a static variable. At the moment you overwrite it each time load_passwd_file is called which happens each time /etc/passwd changes and also you may have more than one instance of CommonUserList.

review: Needs Information

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