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Gabriel Samfira (gabriel-samfira) wrote :

Hello Gavin,

Unfortunately there is no other way to transfer the ramdisk using officially supported methods. In the case of a Windows PXE boot, pxeboot.0 gets loaded first which pulls bootmgr.exe. This binary is responsible for pulling in the winpe ramdisk via TFTP, which is...huge. With that said, transferring the ramdisk via TFTP with a block size of 8192 should not be a problem. The maximum size for a UDP message is 65507 bytes (

Any frame larger then 1500 will be fragmented by the TCP/IP stack. I suspect that this operation is faster then sending out individual smaller frames, but I will have to test this. If need be, I can have a stab at TFTP roll-over, and reset the blocknum back to 0 once it reaches 65535. This will allow, in theory, an unlimited filesize, but to be honest, I do not believe this to be necessary.

I would have loved to transfer this behemoth via HTTP.

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