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33. By Laurent <email address hidden> on 2018-01-24

Merge pull request #22 from jsmaniac/patch-readme

Fixed typo and markdown in README.md

32. By Rentlau <6ckc7kc> on 2018-01-24

Release of 2018-01-24 :

Bug correction:

1 - When selection of a circle and button "Align View to... "
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\Mario\AppData\Roaming\FreeCAD\Mod\WorkFeature\WorkFeature
\WF_2015.py", line 10702, in view_align
m_Vertex2 = SubObject.Vertexes[1]
IndexError: list index out of range

Correction done !

2 - 3D Text feature of the WF WB when I came across it. Unfortunately
I did not succeed in finding any surface which did not cause the error
message " Non Planar Surface !".

Issue with location of Font file : correction done !

into "Point 1/3" TAB :
 Projected Point(s):

Add functions of annotation "Macro_BoundingBox_Tracing" (from Mario)
into Bounding Box buttons.
To activate this option, toggle "Info" check box.

Add functions of creation of a Voume in addition to rectangles
into Bounding Box buttons.
To activate this option, toggle "Vol" check box.

31. By Rentlau <6ckc7kc> on 2017-02-05

Release of 2017-02-05 :
into "Point 1/3" TAB :
 Projected Point(s)
into "Wire 1/2" TAB :
 Convex 2D Polygon
into "Modif." TAB:
Tutorials (into Doc/Tutorials directory):

30. By Rentlau <6ckc7kc> on 2017-01-05

Correction regarding progressBar

29. By Rentlau <6ckc7kc> on 2017-01-04

Commit of missing py files

28. By Rentlau <6ckc7kc> on 2017-01-02

Minor correction regarding an unused import

27. By Rentlau <6ckc7kc> on 2017-01-01

Release of 2016-12-31 :


into "Point 3/3" TAB :
 Random Point(s):

into "Wire 1/3" TAB :
 Make Wire:

Suppression of "Wire 2/3 and 3/3" TABs and replacement by
"Curves And Surfaces" TAB :


into "Curves And Surfaces " TAB :
 Launch Curves and Surfaces Menu:
  Click to launch a new tool for Curves and Surface

26. By Rentlau <6ckc7kc> on 2016-09-10

Release of 2016-09-10 :

Bug Fix:
Correction of home directory path by default
(for txt file selection widget) on "Save" and "Load Points" functions
 not handled previpusly for Window version.

For "Point tab" changes for allowing more complex multi objects
selections, same improvements ongoing for other tabs for next release.


into "Circle" TAB :
 Arc=(3 Points):
 Create one Arc depending on 3 points.
  - First select 3 Points
  - Then Click on the button

into "Wire 1/3" TAB :
 Bezier Cubic=(4 Points):
 Create a Wire (Bezier Cubic) from 4 selected points.
  - First 4 Points
  - Then push this button

into "Image" TAB (new tab):
 Copy and Scale Image(s) :
 Scale an image along desired direction(s) (make a copy first of
  the original Image).
        - First define the direction(s) on the right combo
        (default is XY):
        if X is selected then only X direction will be scaled
        if XY is selected then the scale will be squared in X and
        Y directions together
        - Select one or several Images (in combo view)
        - Select one Line (or 2 Points) (close to the Image) you want to
         define new dimension.
        (better to select a Line strictly in X direction if you want to
         enlarge/squize the Image in X direction)
         - Then give the target dimension of the Line (on the last right

25. By Rentlau <6ckc7kc> on 2016-03-30

Release of 2016-03-29 :
"Point 1/2" TAB and "Point 2/2" TAB gathered into
sub tabs of one "Point" TAB
idem for "Axis" and "Plane" TABs.
into "Point"/"Point2/3" TAB :
 Object(s) Mass Center Point
 Object(s) N Point(s)
into "Point"/"Point3/3" TAB :
 Load Points
 Save Points
into "Axis"/"Axis3/3" TAB :
 Object(s) N Axes(s)
 Object(s) 3 Axes(s)
into "Modif." TAB :
 Align Main Axis
nto "Plane"/"Plane1/2" TAB :
 Plane=(N Points)
 Plane=(2 Points)

24. By Rentlau <email address hidden> on 2015-12-16

Merge pull request #20 from Rentlau/2015_02_17

Release of 2015-12-16 :

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