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Proposed by Francesco Banconi
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Approved by: Gary Poster
Approved revision: 13
Merged at revision: 13
Proposed branch: lp:~frankban/python-shelltoolbox/add-extra-repositories
Merge into: lp:python-shelltoolbox
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Gary Poster (community) Approve
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Description of the change

== Changes ==

- Fixed a typo in `install_extra_repositories`.
- `install_extra_repositories` now works correctly cross-distributions.
- `run` helper improvements:
   - None is ignored if passed as positional argument.
   - The function accepts popen kwargs.

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Gary Poster (gary) wrote :

Thank you Francesco!

- Please add a description of the kwargs to the run docstring
- As we discussed, please add a brief explanatory comment as to why assume_yes has the Lucid-related logic that it does.

Looks good


review: Approve
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Francesco Banconi (frankban) wrote :

Thank you Gary.

14. By Francesco Banconi

Added comments.

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