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Contributions to Fluidity are encouraged, but developers should familiarise themselves with the policies pertaining to Fluidity before starting development. Specifically, membership of the fluidity-core team which allows commits to lp:fluidity is restricted to people who have signed a Fluidity copyright form, and all commits to lp:fluidity should follow the guidelines laid out in the FAQ entry at https://answers.launchpad.net/fluidity/+faq/1573

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4327. By Tim Greaves

Expanding variables in the test XML command section as in some cases the
variable assignment failed leading to a test failure.

4326. By Tim Greaves

Mea culpa; correcting an autoconf syntax error in my previous commit.

4325. By Tim Greaves

The current hack for building on ARCHER only works on the master node;
rather than extending the hack to work on the slave nodes (which have far
more generic hostnames) this changes the behaviour to require a variable
to be set by the user, ARCHER.

4324. By Tim Greaves

As per discussion at:

libtool generation breaks for wrapped gfortran >=4.6 in some cases. This is
a different fix to the one proposed in the link above but seems to work. I'm
applying this directly to Fluidity to get a quick fix for Archer but will also
propose it as a fix to spud.

4323. By Stephan Kramer

Obvious copy and paste bug.

I think this may fix the intel flredecomp bug for the cx1 tests, as I get the following
backtrace (only for non-debugging build):
gdb) bt
#0 0x0000000000659f0b in state_module_mp_aliased_scalar_ ()
#1 0x000000000050950c in checkpoint_mp_checkpoint_fields_ ()
#2 0x00000000005072cb in checkpoint_mp_checkpoint_state_ ()
#3 0x0000000000507116 in checkpoint_mp_checkpoint_simulation_ ()
#4 0x0000000000503c5e in flredecomp ()
#5 0x000000000050419b in main ()

4322. By Cian Wilson

BUG FIX: p%mesh should be p_theta%mesh. This was only a problem when using the viscous fs while testing the divergence using cv. This is tested but apparently not in parallel when you can't get away with using the wrong global node numbering.

4321. By Tim Greaves

Relaxing tolerances slightly after consultation with David, in response to a
slight change in the test result on Ubuntu Trusty. Note that this may be a
change from gmsh - the test passed fine on 2.5/2.6, failed intermittently with
2.8.3, and fails consistently with 2.8.4.

4320. By Stephan Kramer

Speed up of vtudiff for vtus with multiple fields.

This is done by only setting up the VTK probe once instead of once per field. It does not change anything in the way fields are probed.
This commit also enables the diffing of cell-based (P0) fields in the vtu (only works if they are on the same mesh).

There is also a little bit of cleaning up in vtktools:
* removing the option to call vtktools as a main: this really doesn't make sense and should be in a separate script
* removing the "field manipulation" methods. These were basically vectorial operations on fields but implemented in a rather inefficient way. I see no reason to not simply use numpy vector operations for that, so instead of:

vtu.SubFieldFromField("fieldName", array, "newFieldName")

just do:

field = vtu.GetField("fieldName")
vtu.AddField("newFieldName", field-array)

4319. By Stephan Kramer

Bug-fix: fixes bottom friction term for shallow water equations with CG velocity.

4318. By Gerard

Reran a more recent version of autoconf because older versions have a buggy AC_COMPUTE_INT macro.

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