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Felix Krull (fkrull) wrote :

I've resolved any conflicts, but I noticed another problem with the code: Activating the window overview for an application doesn't work correctly using the Super+<Number> shortcut keys.

a) The overview doesn't appear as soon as you press the number button (and toggles quickly when kept pressed), but only when you release it. Also, one has to keep the keys pressed for a time (half a second, maybe), otherwise nothing happens.
b) It only affects the keyboard shortcuts. Activating the overview by clicking on an icon in the launcher works perfectly. Also, holding Super and then clicking an icon works as well.
c) It only affects the window overview with Compiz's Scale plugin. Switching to the application when it is not focused works, as does activating the unity-2d-spread 2D overview, *as does activating Compiz's Expo plugin*.

I have honestly no idea what this is about. I can only guess that there is some weird quirk or bug with the Scale plugin. I don't think it's a bug in my code, because I can't imagine where that would come from. Anyway, with that in mind, you might or might not want to actually merge this; I think it's OK apart from this one problem.

(Do I need to select resubmit here or anything?)

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