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ecc588a... by ethan.hsieh

Initial support for imx6 subarch

9584b2b... by Dimitri John Ledkov

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.605

584ac36... by Dimitri John Ledkov

Merge branch 'kvm-derives-uefi' of git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~davidkrauser/livecd-rootfs/+git/livecd-rootfs into ubuntu/master

277d96f... by Łukasz Zemczak

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.604

b4ba748... by Łukasz Zemczak

Remove pulseaudio and udisks2 from kassel images. This will fix the image build failures.

5439131... by Łukasz Zemczak

releasing package livecd-rootfs version 2.603

0eecd0c... by David Krauser

KVM disk images should derive from the uefi image.

0afb887... by Robert C Jennings

ubuntu-cpc: use sys.exit() rather than quit()

5083d76... by Robert C Jennings

ubuntu-cpc: remove unused final.binary hook support

Right now this is a solution looking for a problem as the implementation
no longer relies on it.

cb53580... by Robert C Jennings

ubuntu-cpc: rework image artifact cleanup

The livecd.ubuntu-cpc.ext4 that is present in each build (plus kernel
and initrd) are not renamed from /build/binary/boot/filsystem.ext4
and friends until after the binary hooks are run, so this patch moves
from trying to perform this cleanup in a binary hook. Now the cleanup
will be run at the end of live-build/binary for the ubuntu-cpc project.