Merge lp:~fginther/adt-cloud-worker/uci-nova-apt-update into lp:~canonical-ci-engineering/adt-cloud-worker/uci-nova

Proposed by Francis Ginther
Status: Merged
Approved by: Francis Ginther
Approved revision: 12
Merged at revision: 12
Proposed branch: lp:~fginther/adt-cloud-worker/uci-nova-apt-update
Merge into: lp:~canonical-ci-engineering/adt-cloud-worker/uci-nova
Diff against target: 14 lines (+2/-1)
1 file modified
uci-nova (+2/-1)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~fginther/adt-cloud-worker/uci-nova-apt-update
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Celso Providelo (community) Approve
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Commit message

Add 'apt-get update' to the cloud-config script after modifying the sources list.

Description of the change

Add 'apt-get update' to the cloud-config script after modifying the sources list.

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Celso Providelo (cprov) wrote :

Thanks for fixing it.

During the debugging process we also discussed how uci-nova is diverging too much from its specific purpose for adt-cloud and core-image-testing. Almost everything done in cloud-init, required for adt-cloud, is not necessary for core-image-testing.

We agreed that we should fork those ssh-setups to be specific for each solution and possibly use them from the local branch payload (--- ssh -s ./uci-nova) instead of forcibly shelving it in /usr/share/autopkgtest/ssh-setup

review: Approve

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1=== modified file 'uci-nova'
2--- uci-nova 2015-04-22 03:02:14 +0000
3+++ uci-nova 2015-04-23 18:22:52 +0000
4@@ -231,8 +231,9 @@
5 ssh_enabled: True
7 runcmd:
8- # Setup archive
9+ # Setup archive and do an update after changing the apt sources
10 - ${archive_setup}
11+ - apt-get update
12 # Make apt faster:
13 - echo 'Acquire::Languages "none";' > /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90nolanguages
14 - echo 'force-unsafe-io' > /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/autopkgtest


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