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61. By jtlb <jtlb@jtlb-laptop> on 2008-08-25

fixed makefiles
added a third test programm
added synchronous mode for a new process
fixed crash bugs at process termination
adapted the fault handler to handle multi-process situation
tried to implement the blinking cursor

NOTE: due to a bug in the FAT driver, it is (not yet)
      possible to load programms greater than a single
      cluster(4096 bytes)
      It (sadly) means that you won't be able to build
      and use programs linked with the standart library...

60. By jtlb <jtlb@jtlb-laptop> on 2008-08-22

ported the gcc toolchain to festival
added some test programms and documentation
See the README files!

59. By jtlb <jtlb@jtlb-laptop> on 2008-08-22

fixed end of process bug:
      stacks managment fixes
      memory spaces managment fixes

58. By Grégoire <gregoire@pc-greg> on 2008-08-21

Fixed bugs in the FAT driver and in the VFS.

57. By Grégoire <gregoire@pc-greg> on 2008-08-21

Fixed bug in the console.

56. By Grégoire <gregoire@pc-greg> on 2008-08-20

Fixed a stupid bug in printf

55. By Grégoire <gregoire@pc-greg> on 2008-08-19

I start console implementation. Printing works, the old driver has been replaced by the console.
 Formfeed ('\f' ) doesn't work, because it's a bad idea to erease the content of a terminal.
 In the future, initialization and command line will be on two different terminal.
AHCI works, but crash immediately after returns (the scheduler said "I cannot save these damned registers !").
Console crash sometimes. I think that there is a memory corruption problem(s ?) somewhere in the Festival code.

In the CodeBlocks project, I remove all files from projects, and add them recursively. So deleted files are removed from project, new files are added, and moved files are moved. DO NOT TRY TO MERGE the projects with meld or kdiff, KEEP my CodeBlocks project.

54. By jtlb <jtlb@jtlb-laptop> on 2008-08-18

battle fighting with stupid bzr bugs. Trying to resolve it

53. By jtlb <jtlb@jtlb-laptop> on 2008-08-14

reorganised the source tree
added an internal system bus
fixed lots of bugs in ide.cpp
implemented partial atapi support
added partialy working ahci and sata drivers(thanks greg)
added a basic cpp interpreter for debugging purpose(thanks greg)
implemented an elf file loader
fixed lots of bugs in memory.cpp
added some helper functions in memory.cpp(for creating and debugging processes)
ported de gnu gcc demangler into festival for debugging purpose
lots of other bug fixed!

52. By jtlb <jtlb@jtlb-laptop> on 2008-07-08

added a function to get the phisical address from the virtual in a given memory space

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