Code review comment for lp:~feng-kylin/unity/unityshell-rotated-kylin

handsome_feng (feng-kylin) wrote :

> From a high level prospective, I can say that launcher works quite well (nice
> work!).
> I've not checked all the internals, but I like most of things I see.
> The Hud should always show the embedded icon in this case, the changes are
> included in lp:~3v1n0/unity/rotated-improvements
> Pips in switcher should be still horizontal, so please use this:
> -
> In general, when you call multiple times in the same function
> Settings::Instance().launcher_position(), please store the return value to a
> variable once and reuse it, instead of calling the property method.
> Inside Launcher.cpp is probably worth to keep this saved as
> launcher_position_, so that you can reduce the overhead of calling the method
> everytime.
> So, for now merge with lp:~3v1n0/unity/rotated-improvements, and please
> include the cleanups I mentioned.


But change the "vertical" barriers depending on launcher position
cause the sticky edge do not work when launcher on the bottom.

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