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apt-sync is based on rsync/zsync, extended to specifically handle .deb files effectively. This makes it possible for a client to update Debian packages without downloading redundant data.

This project is part of the Google Summer of Code 2006

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Recent revisions

86. By Felix Feyertag <ff@atalanta>

  * Bug fix

85. By Felix Feyertag <ff@atalanta>

  * Bug fixes

84. By Felix Feyertag <ff@atalanta>

  * Neil Shepperd: Improved URL handling

83. By Felix Feyertag <ff@atalanta>

  * Apply patch by Neil Shepperd:
    - replace gzparse.ParsedFile with methods
    - improved efficiency

82. By Felix Feyertag <ff@atalanta>

  * Fix efficiency issues, don't read entire file into memory
  * Replace minigzip with python code
  * Bug fixes

81. By Felix Feyertag <ff@atalanta>

  * Neil Shepperd:
    - Save gzip header in .aptsync file
    - Replace minigzip.c with python script

80. By Felix Feyertag <ff@atalanta>

  * Better urls patch by Neil Shepperd:
    1. You can call "aptsync -u
       http://debs.example.com/path/to/program.deb" and that will download the
       file from that exact location, if the aptsync file was named
    2. You can call <U+FEFF>"aptsync -u
       http://debs.example.com/path/to/pool" (with or without '/' at the end)
       and that will download the file from
       that exact location, if the aptsync file had the URL set to

79. By Felix Feyertag <ff@atalanta>

  * More consistent naming: aptsync instead of apt-sync
  * Remove archaic testing instructions
  * aptsync:
     - Better handling when checksum validation fails
     - Several bugfixes
  * test/scripts/apt-sync-cgi.py: Clean up temp directory when done

78. By Felix Feyertag <ff@pantalaimon>

  * src/apt-sync.cc: fixed APT size-mismatch complaint
  * make/install scripts: improved
  * aptsync: minor improvements

77. By Felix Feyertag <ff@pantalaimon>

  * improve error handling: aptsync doesn't crash any more but reports
    proper error messages

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