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8023bdc... by OpenDev Sysadmins <email address hidden>

OpenDev Migration Patch

This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.

d6d2775... by Ian Wienand

Replace git:// URLs with https://

This is a mechanically generated change to replace
git:// URLs with https:// equivalents.

This is in aid of a planned future move of the git hosting
infrastructure to a self-hosted instance of gitea (,
which does not support the git wire protocol at this stage.

This update should result in no functional change.

For more information see the thread at

Change-Id: I37d57e12ebe5af5f02429831fe3249c5da0d1bad

8d69865... by harry zhang

Update with stackube demo

Change-Id: Ib10aa1e860cc17315a04b58bac565807eabf7736

240094e... by Wei Li

fix volume mount error in stackube-proxy

As kubernetes support mount propogation now, the "shared" propogation
type is not needed any more and would cause volume mount error.

Change-Id: Idfa718ff7f0591ed246dc06f4a78c886abe9efe2
Signed-off-by: Li Wei <email address hidden>

c853c27... by harry zhang

Bump 1.8 and version config, frakti 1.1.1

Implements: blueprint update-to-1.8

Change-Id: I4d12db6ccaedf3c28b6f7ff687de46b42dac5465

Fetch version from release URL

Change-Id: Icedce88e90ec98ff4b66b1b30e74030aa4932cdd

5cac2ab... by harry zhang

Update stackube architecture to latest version

Change-Id: If4e17db521fff03b0ec01592c01bc9ba39d283cf

df9c581... by harry zhang

Clarify work with kuryr-kubernetes

Change-Id: Ia679f1b5f674d09b720a8ab39809bb16fa0dd8a3

a772885... by harry zhang

Upgrade to k8s 1.7.5 to use flexvolume-ds 0.2

stackube/flex-volume:v0.2 has been uploaded to hub

Change-Id: Ibb7469ee7683abcfc939b58104df20f1c621ab25

4de3925... by harry zhang

Add details to vol guide

Change-Id: I875bb2a288352bacfac2744b23b2268cbacc6deb

068c895... by wade lee

Add network-controller unit tests

* fix creating kube-dns deployment and svc when
  getting network or creating network failed.
* add network-controller unit tests.
* enhance fake openstack client.

Change-Id: Ib527ff2a995301af343d34d3a7f948e7ba492516
Implements: blueprint auth-controller-test
Signed-off-by: mozhuli <email address hidden>