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6. By Patrick <email address hidden>

Added missing libmysql io file

5. By root@hanuman <root@hanuman>

Antony Curtis's Transactional patch:

    "Federated transaction failure"

  Experimental and fully functional patch for review/comments.

  What this patch provides:
    * Uses only 1 federated connection per server per concurrent transaction.
      As a result, will require significantly fewer network connections.
      Network connections are bound to a transaction until commit/rollback
    * Implements much better/more complete transactions support.
    * Implements primitive per-server connecton pool.
      connection reuse is strictly LIFO so old idle connections are permitted
      to time out and reconnect later when required.
    * Supports single-statement rollback.
    * Support for savepoints.

  1) transaction support still requires that the remote server's storage engines have
  a working transaction implementation complete with savepoint support.
  2) XA 2-phase commit is not yet implemented but will be trivial to add.
  3) Trivial to extend in order to support other transports than mysql client protocol.
  4) bulk-inserts can be implemented later as a performance improvement.
  5) no limits on connection pool size - a tunable server variable may be added.
  6) at shutdown, not all memory is freed. This is trivial to resolve.
  7) Some indents have tab characters.

  Things to address later:
  1) We need to use the connection pool when CREATE TABLE is performed for instances
  where the new federated table is using a server for which a connection already exists.
  2) We need to resolve situation where CREATE TABLE requires a new network connection...
  Do we stall the entire server when this occurs, pick a small timeout or change LOCK_open
  3) Old federated code builds SQL inconsistantly - inconsistant quoting of identifiers
  may open possibilities for SQL injection attack. This should be investigated.

4. By CaptTofu

BUG #21583 Federated table returns broken strings

Added patch (modified) from Tetsuro Ikeda to set

3. By CaptTofu

  - Fixed bug #30051 "CREATE TABLE does not connect and check existence of remote table"
    Modified "real_connect" to take a share and create flag to in order to not rely
    on any settings that are later instantiated and/or set by get_share
    Also, put logic in the code to not attempt this if a localhost. There's an annoying
    functionality that if federated tries to connect to itself during creater table, you
    get 1159 error (timeout) - only when local. This prevents having this functionality
    and is probably part of the reason it was removed.
  - Version 0.2 release

2. By CaptTofu

- Cleaned up license files
- Removed generated autoconf/automake files

1. By root@arjuna <root@arjuna>

Initial HG import of FederatedX 0.10

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