Code review comment for lp:~ev/apport/disable-core-removal

Evan (ev) wrote :

It would be good to have a large sample set of data to work with before we see how things pan out when this is in the archive. Ideally, this would be the raw .crash files, but I'm happy to reconstruct them from the constituent pieces.

I can see a few uses for this:

- Profiling the performance and overhead of the crash reporting daemon.
- Ensuring the retracing system in Cassandra and its message queues work.
- Having a set of real world data for testing the crash format parsing.

Equally, I think we can get by in just mocking this data up. So, if you're concerned about the disk space, security implications, or anything else: by all means, leave the data center retracer as you've modified it.

Cheers, and apologies for the delayed reply.

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