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This branch contains the debian/ directory needed to build Epidermis on Debian systems.

If you look at the history of the branch, you'll see that revisions 1 to 7 (0.2.2-0ubuntu0 to 0.4.1-0ubuntu0) consider Epidermis a native package to Ubuntu. Revision 8 (0.5-1) is the first release of Epidermis as a normal package, which makes more sense considering what type of application Epidermis is.

The packaging is for Debian primarily. If significant changes are needed for Ubuntu, I'll create a separate branch.

Get this branch:
bzr branch lp:~epidermis/epidermis/debian
Members of Epidermis maintainers can upload to this branch. Log in for directions.

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Recent revisions

13. By David D Lowe

* New upstream release.
* debian/control: reformatted using wrap-and-sort

12. By David D Lowe

* New upstream release.
* debian/control:
  + Update Standards-Version field to
  + Added python-xdg to build dependencies.
* debian/links:
  + /usr/bin/epidermis is now a symlink to /usr/share/epidermis/run.py
* debian/copyright:
  + GPL version 2 only now.

11. By David D Lowe

New upstream release.

10. By David D Lowe

* Upstream release 0.5.1, see ChangeLog
* debian/control:
  + Switched from python-central to python-support.
  + Updated Standards-Version field to 3.8.4
  + Deleted core-utils and util-linux dependencies.
  + Now depends on Python 2.6 instead of Python 2.5.
  + Extended description now fits in a 80 character width text block.
* debian/rules:
  + Python package now installed privately in /usr/share/epidermis
  + Pass --installation-dir option to distutils' build command.
* debian/links:
  + /usr/bin/epidermis is a symlink to /usr/share/epidermis/run
* debian/pyversions:
  + specifies Python 2.6 for python-support
* debian/copyright:
  + Link to common-licenses' GPL-3 instead of including it in its entirety.
* debian/preinst:
  + Tried to delete any files left behind by python-central when upgrading.

9. By David D Lowe

Changed dependency on policykit-gnome to policykit-1-gnome. (LP: #534672)

8. By David D Lowe

Upstream release 0.5 (switched from native package to normal package)

7. By David D Lowe

* Check for grub version without looking in /boot/grub/installed-version. (Closes: LP: #469655)
* Fixed capitalisation mistake in epidermis.py (Closes: LP: #473881)

6. By David D Lowe

* Added support for Xsplash themes.
* Removed support for Usplash themes.
* Added autogenerate button for Epidermis Creator so that previews of pigments can be automatically created.
* Help message is displayed if no skins are installed.
* License updated to GPLv3.

5. By David D Lowe

* New feature: the ability to turn on or off the possibility to undo the accidental closure of Epidermis.
* No strange error message when saving non-skin pigments (Closes: LP: #394638)
* Scrollbars added to review pigment window (Closes: LP: #394671)
* Users can now click Finish on 'apply pigments' even if no pigments are ticked (Closes: LP: #394673)

4. By David D Lowe

* Now installs application/x-pigment mime-type for .pigment files.
* Opens .pigment files from command line.
* Skins no longer require a linked pigment from every type.
* .pigment files have thumbnails automatically generated by a script in GNOME's Nautilus.
* Ability to choose which .pigment files to install and to activate when you open them.
* The possibily to undo the accidental closure of Epidermis.
* Fixed wallpaper filename extension bug. (Closes: LP: #385623)

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