Code review comment for lp:~epics-core/epics-base/ioc-shutdown

Ralph Lange (ralph-lange) wrote :

> The advantage of using epicsExitCallAtExits() is that we don't have to
> expose the various Shutdown symbols at all, and we automatically stop
> everything that we've started, in the (correct) reverse order.
> The disadvantage is this will slow down IOC shutdown unnecessarily,
> since we only need the 'clean up ready to start up again' actions in
> those exit routines when we're running tests that need restart.
> I'm getting visions of a subsystem management API; subsystems would
> register both a fast exit and a slow clean-up routine with it. It could
> even incorporate the taskwd, and provide subsystem/task status & health
> info on request. This could also somewhere to centralize all of the
> init/run/pause/exit enum task controls that are proliferating (which I
> agree should probably become atomics).
> Too much work?

If you think further, that becomes a major design change of iocCore.

It basically means going from somewhat modular spaghetti toward a component model where we have a mostly administrative core framework, and everything else becomes a component, possibly with separate versioning, providing a component API that handles component admin (version), compatibility (components requiring certain versions of other components), status/health, init/run/pause/exit, etc.
The lists of available RSETs and DSETs would basically become extension points.

Existing support modules should have the choice of registering as a component. Plus maybe some generic (generated) code that handles existing record and device support to become (pseudo) components.

That would be a lot of work.
But I like the idea.

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