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a81c350... by Andrew Johnson

Fix MUNCH_CMD for RTEMS-pc386 with parallel builds

03b8257... by Andrew Johnson

Release Notes for the rtems-test branch

4637030... by Andrew Johnson

Don't require older RTEMS arch's to set RTEMS_BSP

This uses the old rules for RTEMS target architecture names to
work out what the value of RTEMS_BSP should be if it isn't set.
Targets had to be named RTEMS-$(RTEMS_BSP) in previous releases.
With this change out-of-tree target configuration files should
still work, but they can't be used to create sub-architectures
without first setting RTEMS_BSP in their CONFIG.Common.<arch>

ab59c97... by Andrew Johnson

Minor Perl tidying up

77bdea2... by Andrew Johnson

T_A can never contain spaces

00ee7bf... by Andrew Johnson

Add RTEMS-pc368-qemu target, use in Travis-CI builds

3c607d9... by Andrew Johnson

Require RTEMS_BSP to be set in CONFIG.Common.RTEMS-<arch>

This is needed to allow multiple targets to be built against
the same RTEMS BSP, allowing e.g. -qemu and -gesys targets.

ae51227... by mdavidsaver

travis-ci: install qemu

83b17d5... by mdavidsaver

travis-ci: remove unused

65dec97... by mdavidsaver

use new RTEMS build