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a8c9ee1... by mdavidsaver

default pdevLibVME

cae9590... by mdavidsaver

softIoc on rtems

2c9b57e... by mdavidsaver

rtems: set server address so /TFTP/BOOTP_HOST/ works with MOTLOAD

2657033... by mdavidsaver

RTEMS: NV flag to start GDB stub automatically

16209d3... by mdavidsaver

RTEMS: gdbstub

93d03b4... by mdavidsaver

RTEMS: support both NFS and TFTP

763f617... by mdavidsaver

RTEMS: support multiboot on pc386

For pc386 BSP populate the process environment
with multiboot arguments. Use these variables
to fill in missing BOOTP information.

Also provide bootpFallbackFromNVRAM() to
allow sensible behavior when both BOOTP
and non-volatile config storage are available.

917430b... by mdavidsaver

rtems: Drop dependency on bspExt

integrate the polling implementation of bspExt.

81267a3... by mdavidsaver

travis-ci: remove unused

e8b4f44... by mdavidsaver

travis-ci: run tests with RTEMS pc386/qemu