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4966baf... by DW <email address hidden>

fix sizv for printf & fix doc

e5b4829... by mdavidsaver

bound lso/lsi to limit of dbAddr::field_size

d8b5616... by Ralph Lange

ci: bump checkout to v4 in check-editorconfig.yml

- fix node16.js usage warning

92615a7... by Ralph Lange

ci: fix last commit (GHA workaround)

b3f92d8... by Ralph Lange

ci: add workaround for GHA node20@centos7 failures

839f764... by Simon

Clean up some potential memory leaks

The watchdog tasks are allocated, but not consistently removed. In
general this doesn't matter: they run in threads that will only
end when the process actually quits. For consistency and for the
purpose of future-proofing, I think there is value in having the
cleanup added in each case.

4bb50fe... by Simon

Memory leak in caservertask.c

c77f32b... by Ralph Lange

Merge pull request #482 from ericonr/calcout-docs

Fix calcout doc typo.

66ce1c2... by =?utf-8?q?=C3=89rico_Nogueira?= <email address hidden>

Fix calcout doc typo.

1a9dc99... by =?utf-8?q?=C3=89rico_Nogueira?= <email address hidden>

Fix gmtime messages in epicsTimeZoneTest.