Last commit made on 2018-12-12
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7c90e6e... by Andrew Johnson

Reset version snapshot after tagging

c5fd621... by Andrew Johnson

Clear version snapshot for final release

ea409e7... by Andrew Johnson

Link to Launchpad's milestone page for the bug list

c59a186... by Andrew Johnson

Add release notes for the QueueShow additions

68f6f36... by Andrew Johnson

Merge 3.15 branch into 3.16

84b7612... by Andrew Johnson

Fix for lp: #1801145 recordtype defined after use in device

Add proper equals() method for DBD::Recfield and DBD::Recordtype.
In Parser::parse_recordtype() check for and re-use a declaration
(i.e. an empty recordtype object) when parsing a later definition
of the same recordtype.

f3cf1df... by Andrew Johnson

Merge 3.15 branch into 3.16

9b38548... by Andrew Johnson

Rename new *QueuePrintStatus() and *QueueStatus iocsh commands to *Show

Also added symbol decorations for Windows builds.

ec036cb... by Andrew Johnson

Merged Martin Konrad's callbackQueueStatus branch into 3.16

64d9d1a... by Andrew Johnson

Fix field links to local menu anchors

Anchor IDs are different for XHTML vs HTML generation.