Last commit made on 2009-12-23
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72fdd8b... by Andrew Johnson

Oops, off-by-one error...

414cb8d... by Jeff Hill

installed this fille which is needed by the VAXC compiler

e0106fd... by Jeff Hill

fixed vaxc compile error

0d0aa7d... by Jeff Hill

fixed vaxc compile error

6285f33... by Jeff Hill

fixed vms build syntax error

e22fbab... by Andrew Johnson

Changed DBF_DEVICE fix to use Marty's version.

a184041... by Andrew Johnson

US DST Rules changed in 2007...

37c1049... by Andrew Johnson

Fixed off-by-one buffer overflow in dbFindField().

ec9686d... by Ralph Lange

A bunch of changes suggested by G. Pfeiffer and B. Franksen (BESSY):
- option to find() so it follow links
- use of strict
- handle comments correctly when parsing RELEASE

7009ea2... by Marty Kraimer <email address hidden>

change NTP sync code