Last commit made on 2017-11-08
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e794639... by mdavidsaver on 2017-11-08

ioc/db: avoid possible race in db_close_events()


e38252e... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-10-26

Fix osiSockOptMcastLoop_t for solaris

31c7d91... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-10-26

libCom/test/Makefile: Clean up SYS_LIBS var's

Add PROD_SYS_LIBS_solaris global setting
Remove settings for individual tests

42d37eb... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-10-26

Merge branch 'osiSockTest' into 3.15

cec4f4e... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-10-20

Unify rsrv socket errors, add missing error string

58460d2... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-10-13

Release Notes

9e75b8b... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-10-13

libcom/test: osiSockTest fix for RTEMS

Instead of 0/1 RTEMS gives 0/32 (32==SO_BROADCAST).
So switch the test to zero/non-zero.

e075720... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-08-30

More tests, check both true and false values for options.

78abb25... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-08-29

Add osiSockOptMcastLoop_t and osiSockTest

73f3e76... by Andrew Johnson on 2017-08-18

Merged 3.14 branch config changes into 3.15