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b41787b... by mdavidsaver


19b2325... by Dirk Zimoch

gha: turn most warnings into errors in github build

2ca70d3... by mdavidsaver

iocsh: keep history file

395015a... by Jeremy Lorelli

Com: Make STATIC_ASSERT macro typedefs unique

92cae86... by mdavidsaver

dbRecordsOnceOnly allow append only with "*"


> record(ai, "myrec") {}

dbRecordsOnceOnly!=0 currently disallows appending fields with either form:

> record("*", "myrec") {} # error
> record(ai, "myrec") {} # error

Change the meaning such that dbRecordsOnceOnly!=0
allways allows appending when explicitly intended (rtype "*").

> record("*", "myrec") {} # allowed
> record(ai, "myrec") {} # error

Also clearly label this parse error.

49ea46e... by Jack Harper <email address hidden>

iocsh: add comment to cvtArg explaining default iocsharg behaviour

df908f2... by mdavidsaver

remove unused local

6dec685... by AlexWells <email address hidden>

iocsh: Add underline separator between help outputs

Also tweaks the overall format of the message a bit.
Add tests for new help output format

badd8f5... by mdavidsaver

update modules/pvData

766c990... by mdavidsaver

update ci-scripts