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96259b7... by Ralph Lange on 2019-05-09

doc/ca: clarify variable size array subscription

2d3de19... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-05-06

Don't clear caClientCallbackThreadId in CA's exit handler

16ddcae... by Ralph Lange on 2019-05-03

appveyor-ci: ANL Make install 4.1 -> 4.2.1

297206e... by Ralph Lange on 2019-05-03

appveyor-ci: use pre-installed AppVeyor MinGW

63bf8a8... by Ralph Lange on 2019-05-02

appveyor-ci: use choco MinGW 5.3.0 to work around build problem
(fixes lp:1827225)

ec7193d... by Ralph Lange on 2019-04-30

appveyor-ci: exclude some cygwin builds (broken compiler)
appveyor-ci: remove slack, add email and GitHub notifications
(cherry-picked from branch 7.0)

736075d... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-02-01

Document macOS Mojave fix

9ef3b77... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-02-01

Fix ca/client/perl/Makefile for macOS Mojave

... in which Apple moved the Perl headers into XCode.
This should also make the build a little more forgiving on other
architectures that have incomplete Perl installations; it gives up
trying to build the Perl bindings with a warning if perl.h is missing.

5e1bad2... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-01-10

dbStatic parser: Reject empty object names

5f46d6d... by Andrew Johnson on 2018-12-14

Release notes updated