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7c168f2... by Ralph Lange

Fix gdd string to double conversion

This is an alternative fix for the issue described in
https://github.com/epics-modules/pcas/issues/4 and
that keeps the call to epicsScanDouble() before trying
sscanf() first with "%lf" (ignoring extra characters)
then with "%x" (to catch hex numbers).
(closes #216)

5cddcea... by Andrew Johnson

Change the epicsTimerTest delayVerify failure condition

This test verifies timer delays between 1.0 and 3.4 seconds.
A test failure now means the measured delay was more than
0.25 seconds different than the request, instead of being
5% of the request. This should now pass on GHA macOS.

On the 7.0 branch it should call testImpreciseTiming() and
use a smaller absolute delay threshold for better targets.

9b69e63... by Andrew Johnson

Update GHA config, drop Ubuntu-16.04 builds

4225139... by Andrew Johnson

Release notes for Win32 timer fix.

3313860... by Andrew Johnson

Win32 osdThread.c polishing

A little optimization of Freddie's code
Rename the new non-public routine

2b8eb97... by Andrew Johnson

Merge Freddie's refactor_get_param_win32 branch

9842bd1... by Andrew Johnson

Prefer to install %.html files from O.Common

e7ea81c... by Andrew Johnson

Reference doc tweaks to the dfanout record

c528948... by Andrew Johnson

Adjust build rules for POD to HTML conversion

00e9ecf... by Freddie Akeroyd

Fix typo in osdThreadGetTimer