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54cd7e7... by Andrew Johnson on 2020-01-08

MinGW: Replace -Wno-format with -D__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO

cbe6173... by Andrew Johnson on 2020-01-08

Updates to the subArrayRecord reference page

f64f847... by mdavidsaver on 2019-12-19

more fun with isinf() and friends.

GNU libstdc++ prior to GCC 6.1.0, the overlay math.h always
includes math.h from glibc, which defines isinf() and friends.

GCC 6.1.0 includes a change (6c8ced3f4f867b72a623fe2f23efa204c5786a28)
so that the overlay math.h never includes the glibc math.h
when compiling c++.
The overlay math.h sometimes includes "using std::isinf"
Determined by inspecting libc math.h when building gcc.

d97a12f... by mdavidsaver on 2019-12-19

travis-ci test trusty w/ c++11

4759634... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-12-18

Merge Martin Konrad's retire-epicsexcept branch into 3.15

f5a442c... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-12-18

Merge Martin Konrad's fix-typos branch

df519ce... by Martin Konrad on 2019-12-17

Fix typos in calcoutRecord.dbd.pod

feb938f... by mdavidsaver on 2019-11-13

minor epicsTimerTest

(cherry picked from commit 7acd7c61450e2ecc5880cd7d12f12a59ee9d02e4)

e068191... by mdavidsaver on 2018-08-08

epicsTimerTest loosen test threshold

(cherry picked from commit f955199805dc1987cc72f0d2691bf2a80fe796e3)

33f2d8c... by mdavidsaver on 2018-05-05

debug epicsTimerTest

(cherry picked from commit 2af0c1047067401b01be8c0ad055fb58c21c50f4)