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736075d... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-02-01

Document macOS Mojave fix

9ef3b77... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-02-01

Fix ca/client/perl/Makefile for macOS Mojave

... in which Apple moved the Perl headers into XCode.
This should also make the build a little more forgiving on other
architectures that have incomplete Perl installations; it gives up
trying to build the Perl bindings with a warning if perl.h is missing.

5e1bad2... by Andrew Johnson on 2019-01-10

dbStatic parser: Reject empty object names

5f46d6d... by Andrew Johnson on 2018-12-14

Release notes updated

d41355e... by Eric Norum on 2018-12-14

Add error checking to the copy-back loop in truncateFile()

a5aa545... by Eric Norum on 2018-12-14

Drop extraneous extern "C"

6201d37... by Eric Norum on 2018-12-14

Remove epicsTempName() routine

It's unsafe and generates obnoxious warnings on modern compilers.
This also replaces internal useage with epicsTempFile().
There appears to be no external code that calls this routine.

84b7612... by Andrew Johnson on 2018-12-10

Fix for lp: #1801145 recordtype defined after use in device

Add proper equals() method for DBD::Recfield and DBD::Recordtype.
In Parser::parse_recordtype() check for and re-use a declaration
(i.e. an empty recordtype object) when parsing a later definition
of the same recordtype.

64d9d1a... by Andrew Johnson on 2018-12-07

Fix field links to local menu anchors

Anchor IDs are different for XHTML vs HTML generation.

e53244d... by Andrew Johnson on 2018-12-07

Cherry-pick Dirk's dbState NULL checks from the 7.0 branch

Prevent segfaults in iocsh