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0b9eadf... by Nick Rosbrook

binfmt: fix systemd-binfmt in LXD containers (LP: #1999275)

This consists of several upstream commits:

  * unit: check more specific path to be written by systemd-binfmt
  * binfmt: check if binfmt is mounted before applying rules
  * binfmt-util: also check if binfmt is mounted in read-write
  * binfmt-util: split out binfmt_mounted()

Gbp-Dch: Short

be484da... by Nick Rosbrook

debian/systemd.postint: do not daemon re-exec if we could hit LP: #2013543

Unfortunately, there is not a simple way to check all cases in which
the running systemd will hit this bug when re-executing. To be safe, do
not try re-exec on upgrades from affected versions, and instead indicate
that a reboot is required.

Gbp-Dch: Short

cf82f08... by Nick Rosbrook

Drop debian/UBUNTU-wait-online-exit-if-no-links-are-managed.patch (LP: #1982218)

The original intent of this patch is to exit early when no devices are
managed by networkd, and was developed against bionic. Since then,
wait-online gain an --any flag, and this code changed the context of
this patch. Namely, the logic added by the patch will not be reached
unless the --any flag is passed, which means the patch no longer works
as expected (systemd-networkd-wait-online.service does not use the
--any flag).

Further, if the --any flag is used, this patch will make wait-online
exit while a link is still in "configuring" state, which can mean that
units which depend on networkd-online.target may not actually have a
functioning link yet.

Because this patch is not serving it's original purpose, and is creating
a new issue, it seems the best thing to do is just drop the patch.

Gbp-Dch: Short

7a7c475... by Dan Streetman

make machinectl read-only work (LP: #1991829)

1e7d3fe... by Dan Streetman

Fix machinectl pull-tar and import-tar (LP: #1977630)

73e774a... by Nick Rosbrook

network/dhcp4: do not ignore the gateway even if the destination is in same network (LP: #2009743)

19ba0f2... by Nick Rosbrook

core: reorder systemd arguments on reexec (LP: #2013543)

26e85b9... by Nick Rosbrook

udev-rules: fix nvme symlink creation on namespace changes (LP: #2028180)

416a924... by Nick Rosbrook

shutdown: get only active md arrays. (LP: #2025563)

7600bbf... by Nick Rosbrook

pstore: only try to load efi_pstore module (LP: #2023462)

The original purpose of this commit was to make sure that efi_pstore was
around, but then the author tried to be all-inclusive and load all
pstore providers. This caused annoyance, particularly around mtdpstore,
so that was dropped (LP: #1981622). But even then, we only dropped
mtdpstore because that was the pain point. However, in upstream we
ended up with ONLY efi_pstore (https://github.com/systemd/systemd/commit/8b8bd621e1),
and it would have been best if we just did that in the SRU that removed
mtdpstore too.

Do that now, since leaving the other modules around can cause pstore
provider modules to be loaded needlessly.

Gbp-Dch: Short