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5241fe7... by Nick Rosbrook

Update changelog

d125a1e... by Nick Rosbrook

autopkgtest: do not allow qemu to be used on ppc64el

Almost every run on ppc64el takes 12 to 24 hours, so do this as a last
resort to relieve pressure on autopkgtest infrastructure.

c57406e... by Nick Rosbrook

use read-only /etc hack in more places (LP: #2035122)

00f86f0... by Nick Rosbrook

core/device: ignore DEVICE_FOUND_UDEV bit on switching root (LP: #2037281)

2ecea18... by Nick Rosbrook

Release systemd 249.11-0ubuntu3.11

88a52fa... by Nick Rosbrook

Update changelog

fcf9af1... by Nick Rosbrook

wait-online: exit early if all links are ignored (LP: #2036358)

If we are not given an explicit list of links to check, and all other
links are ignored because they are not required for online, then exit
early. Otherwise we will just timeout.

This fixes a regression caused by cf82f08fee
("Drop debian/UBUNTU-wait-online-exit-if-no-links-are-managed.patch").

Gbp-Dch: Short

603560a... by Nick Rosbrook

Release systemd 249.11-0ubuntu3.10

5ba6214... by Nick Rosbrook

Update changelog

0b9eadf... by Nick Rosbrook

binfmt: fix systemd-binfmt in LXD containers (LP: #1999275)

This consists of several upstream commits:

  * unit: check more specific path to be written by systemd-binfmt
  * binfmt: check if binfmt is mounted before applying rules
  * binfmt-util: also check if binfmt is mounted in read-write
  * binfmt-util: split out binfmt_mounted()

Gbp-Dch: Short