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Lukas Märdian (slyon) wrote :

Thank you for providing a test build and autopkgtest results and for confirming that the amd64 test passes for you locally.

This LGTM (thanks for making use of the "Gbp-Pq: Topic ..." header)!

Are the fixes/SRU for bug #2004478 & bug #2002445 for Kinetic and/or Lunar already in the pipeline? Those will block this SRU migrating to jammy-updates, but I think we can still go ahead and get it into -proposed for verification already. Generally, I feel it is the better approach to do SRUs from newer to older (Lunar -> ... -> Focal), but I know in this case we had some urgency to get the Focal SRU out and tested, so we'll work around this situation a bit.

I've rebased your work on the (very) recent security update "249.11-0ubuntu3.7" and picked the next free revision for your upload: "249.11-0ubuntu3.8".

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