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This is a temporary Bzr branch to host the releases of Shaarli [0]. It gets updated after each new release. The author is currently not using version control, so this "mirror" makes it easier to follow the changes between the different versions. This branch will be removed if/when the author starts to use a VCS.

[0] http://sebsauvage.net/wiki/doku.php?id=php:shaarli

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38. By sebsauvage on 2012-08-24

Version 0.0.40 beta:
- Corrected: A bug in the RSS cache would present old items as new in some cases. This has been corrected.
- Added: Option in configuration to disable session cookie protection. Check this if your get disconnected often or your IP address changes often. (This feature was requested.)
- Corrected (?): Removed the xml comment in cached RSS/ATOM feed (although W3C-compliant, this may cause problems in some feed readers).
- Corrected: A small bug (non-initialized variable) in page cache cleaning.
- Corrected: Proper “Nothing found” message when search returns no results.
- Corrected: No more 404 error when searching with empty input.
- Corrected: Flickr thumbnails are back (Flick has made some changed in their domains).
- Added: Flickr thumbnail now also support albums, galleries and users.

37. By sebsauvage on 2012-08-10

Version 0.0.39 beta:
- BUG: Shaarli still not in GitHub (Sorry).
- Changed: No more global $LINKSDB (Yuk).
- Changed: Background color was removed when hovering a link.
- Added: A cache for RSS feed, ATOM feed and Daily RSS feed, because these URLs are massively hammered. Cache is automatically purged whenever the database is changed. This will reduce server load. I may add cache to other pages later.
- Corrected: Small bug corrected in config screen on timezones.
- Corrected: Calling a non-existing permalink now returns a crude 404 error instead of 200 (OK). This is done on purpose.
- Corrected: The shaarli session cookie now has a proper path. Thus you can now install several Shaarlis on the same server in different paths, and each will have its session.
- Corrected: Now when you delete a link, you go back the same page/search parameters you were on.
- Corrected: error_get_last() removed to ensure php 5.1 compatibility (Yes, now it works on free.fr hosting)
- Corrected: Added dialog=1 in bookmarklet code for some browsers.

36. By sebsauvage on 2012-02-06

Version 0.0.38 beta:
- Corrected: Corrected the tag encoding (there was a bug when selecting a second tag which contains accented characters).
- Changed: The “Daily” page now automatically skips empty days.
- Added: Automatic creation of the tmp directory with proper rights (for RainTPL).
- Added: When you click the key to see only private links, it turns yellow.

35. By sebsauvage on 2012-02-01

Version 0.0.37 beta
- Added: Basic CSS for mobiles, which makes Shaarli much more usable on mobile devices.
- Added: Picture wall no more instantly kills your browser. Now it uses lazy image loading [0]: The picture are loaded only as you scroll the page. This will reduce browser memory usage (especially on mobile devices) and will reduce server load. If you have javascript disabled, the page will still work as before (all images loaded at once).
- Added: RSS feed for the “Daily” page. 1 RSS entry per day, with all links of that day. RSS feed provides the last 7 days (only non-empty days are returned).
- Added: In link list, added an icon to see only private links. Click to toggle (only private / all).

[0] http://www.appelsiini.net/projects/lazyload

34. By sebsauvage on 2012-01-25

Version 0.0.36 beta:
- Corrected: Improper text color in install form.
- Corrected: Error in QRCode url (missing '?')
- Changed: Display adjustments in “Daily” page.
- Added: Shaarli licence in COPYING

33. By sebsauvage on 2012-01-25

Version 0.0.35 beta:
- Corrected: Corrected a bug introduced in 0.0.34 which would improperly preprend data to URLs.

32. By sebsauvage on 2012-01-25

Version 0.0.34 beta:
- Corrected: In link edition, you can now click the word “Private” to check the box.
- Corrected: Clicking a tag would not work properly if the tag contained special characters (like +).
- Corrected: Added proper jQuery licence (shame on me).
- Changed: Upgraded bundled versions of jQuery (1.7.1) and jQuery UI (1.8.17).
- Changed: Upgraded bundled version of RainTPL (2.7).
- Changed: Changed HTTPS detection code.
- Added: There is now a QR-Code of each permalink to easily open a link on your smartphone.
- Added: Protocols file: and apt: are now also converted to clickable links (patch by Francis Chavanon)
- Added: Thumbnail support for http://xkcd.com/ (patch by Emilien Klein). [r31]
- Added: Thumbnail support for http://pix.toile-libre.org/
- Added: Well I had some mercy for users with antique browsers (IE) which do not have support for gradients: I added a few background-color.
- Added: First version of the “Shaarli Daily”, a page showing all links of a specific day. By default, you see the links of the previous day. There is still work to do on this page (error checking, better navigation (calendar?), RSS feed, CSS for mobile and printing…)

31. By Emilien Klein on 2012-01-18

Added: Support for xkcd thumbnails

30. By sebsauvage on 2012-01-11

Version 0.0.33 beta:
- Corrected: XSS vulnerability patched (thanks to Stanislas D. !)
- Corrected: ATOM feed validates again.

29. By sebsauvage on 2011-12-16

Version 0.0.32 beta:
- Changed: HTML generation moved to RainTPL templates (in the tpl/ directory).
- Added: Better check on URL parameters (patch by gege2061).
- Changed: Better detection of HTTPS (patch by gege2061).
- Changed: In RSS/ATOM feeds, the GUID is now the permalink instead of the final URL (patch by gege2061).
- Changed: Jerrywham CSS patch included.
- Changed: Multiple spaces are now respected in description. Thus you can use Shaarli as a personal pastebin (for posting source code, for example). I also added a max-height and overflow:auto so that content can be scrolled if too large.
- Corrected: Tab order changed in login screen.
- Corrected: Permalinks now work even if additional parameters have been added (eg. /?E8Yj2Q&utm_source=blablabla…)
- Corrected: user.css is included only if the file is present (This prevent a useless CSS include which makes a harmless but useless 404 error.).
- Removed: Page time generation was removed.

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