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Edit: this branch has been abandoned in favor of this new branch for Shaarli's Launchpad project: https://code.launchpad.net/~emilien-klein/shaarli/main

This is a temporary Bzr branch to host the releases of Shaarli [0]. The author is currently not using version control, so this "mirror" makes it easier to follow the changes between the different versions. This branch will be removed if/when the author starts to use a VCS.

[0] http://sebsauvage.net/wiki/doku.php?id=php:shaarli

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30. By sebsauvage on 2012-01-11

Version 0.0.33 beta:
- Corrected: XSS vulnerability patched (thanks to Stanislas D. !)
- Corrected: ATOM feed validates again.

29. By sebsauvage on 2011-12-16

Version 0.0.32 beta:
- Changed: HTML generation moved to RainTPL templates (in the tpl/ directory).
- Added: Better check on URL parameters (patch by gege2061).
- Changed: Better detection of HTTPS (patch by gege2061).
- Changed: In RSS/ATOM feeds, the GUID is now the permalink instead of the final URL (patch by gege2061).
- Changed: Jerrywham CSS patch included.
- Changed: Multiple spaces are now respected in description. Thus you can use Shaarli as a personal pastebin (for posting source code, for example). I also added a max-height and overflow:auto so that content can be scrolled if too large.
- Corrected: Tab order changed in login screen.
- Corrected: Permalinks now work even if additional parameters have been added (eg. /?E8Yj2Q&utm_source=blablabla…)
- Corrected: user.css is included only if the file is present (This prevent a useless CSS include which makes a harmless but useless 404 error.).
- Removed: Page time generation was removed.

28. By sebsauvage on 2011-11-24

Version 0.0.31 beta:
- Added: Support for TED Talks (ted.com/talks) thumbnails (patch by Emilien K.) [r26]
- Corrected: Better error handling in thumbnail generation (patch by Emilien K.) [r27]
- Added: partial patch by Idleman: Better design consistency, icon on private links. In-page popup was not included because it causes problem on some websites.
- Corrected: The top menu is no longer displayed in bookmarklet popup.
- Corrected: Bookmark which have the exact same date/time are now correctly imported. Most remaining import problem should be solved now.
- Added: Support for bookmark files without ADD_DATE attributes.
- Corrected: Comment in Shaarli export moved to beginning of file to prevent clash with last link description.
- Added: Logo is clickable.
- Added: user.css can be added to overload Shaarli base CSS.(patch by Jerrywham) Just put user.css in the same directory as shaarli.css. Example:
    #pageheader { background: blue; }
    Please note that Shaarli CSS are not stable and may completely change on each version.
- Changed: Edit and Delete buttons in link list were replaced with icons. (patch by Jerrywham)

27. By Emilien Klein on 2011-11-19

Corrected: Better error handling in thumbnail generation

26. By Emilien Klein on 2011-11-19

Added: Support for TED Talks (ted.com/talks) thumbnails

25. By sebsauvage on 2011-11-18

Version 0.0.30 beta:
- Added: Now links also have a small delete button in list (after the edit button).
- Corrected: Moved the call to PubSubHub.

24. By sebsauvage on 2011-11-18

Version 0.0.29 beta:
- Corrected: Corrected a bug introduced in 0.0.28 (there was an error if you use the bookmarklet and you're not logged in).

23. By sebsauvage on 2011-11-17

Version 0.0.28 beta:
- Changed: New Shaarli theme and logo by Idle (http://www.idleman.fr/blog/?p=469)
- Changed: In picture wall, pictures point to Shaarli permalink instead of final URL. This way, users can read the description.
- Corrected: In RSS/ATOM feeds, guid and link URL of permalinks are now proper absolute URLs.
- Added: In RSS/ATOM feeds, URLs are now clickable.
- Changed: http_parse_headers() function renamed to http_parse_headers_shaarli() to prevent name collision with some php extensions.
- Corrected: Thumbnails removed for imgur.com/a/ URLs (Thumbnails are not available for albums on imgur).
- Corrected: Shaarli now correctly only tries to get thumbnails for vimeo video URLs.
- Corrected: A bug in imgur.com URLs handling would cause some thumbnails not to appear. This has been corrected. You should see more thumbnails now.
- Added: Thumbnail support for youtu.be URLs (YouTube short url service).
- Added: PubSubHub protocol support (from http://aldarone.fr/les-flux-rss-shaarli-et-pubsubhubbub/). Warning: This was not tested. You need to set your hub $
- Corrected: The search engine would not return a result if the word to search was the first in description.
- Corrected: Extracted title is now correct if the page has two title html tags.
- Added: RSS and ATOM feeds now also contain tags (in category tags, as per their respective specifications).

22. By sebsauvage on 2011-10-18

Version 0.0.27 beta:
- Added: Picture wall (which can be filtered too: It will use the same filters (tags,text search) as current page when clicked.)

21. By sebsauvage on 2011-10-17

Version 0.0.26 beta:
- Corrected: Removed extras space in description when URLs are converted to clickable links.
- Changed: Made permalink more visible (smallHash).
- Corrected: Thumbnail for subreddit imgur urls (/r/…) were corrected (thanks to Accent Grave).

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