Code review comment for lp:~elmo/apparmor-profiles/bprobe

James Troup (elmo) wrote :

> Excellent comments, good descriptions, but I'm concerned/surprised
> about a /usr/local/bin/ profile -- seems to somewhat violate the
> idea that /usr/local is for admins.

Ah, sorry, I did mean to mention that. The Debian/Ubuntu packages
that Boundary provide unfortunately install bprobe into
/usr/local/bin. I've suggested to them that they either use /usr/sbin
or /opt, but I don't think fixing it (and/or FHS and Debian/Ubuntu
policy) is high on their list of concerns right now.

If the consensus is that the profile should have a sane name
regardless of the current state of the packages, I'm happy to fix up
my branch.

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