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437. By RabbitBot on 2016-06-10

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added audience to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added build-essential to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added bzr to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added capnet-assist to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added cmake to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added contractor to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added devscripts to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added elementary-icon-theme to artwork [arm64]
* Added elementary-theme to artwork [arm64]
* Added elementary-wallpapers to artwork-recommends [arm64]
* Added evolution-data-server-google2 to desktop-recommends [arm64
* Added evolution-data-server-outlook to desktop-recommends [arm64
* Added evolution-data-server-pantheon-online-accounts to desktop-
  recommends [arm64 armhf]
* Added fonts-elementary-extra to artwork-recommends [arm64]
* Added gala to pantheon-shell-recommends [arm64]
* Added gobject-introspection to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added gsignond to desktop-recommends [arm64 armhf]
* Added gsignond-extension-pantheon to desktop-recommends [arm64
* Added gsignond-plugin-lastfm to desktop-recommends [arm64 armhf]
* Added gsignond-plugin-oauth to desktop-recommends [arm64 armhf]
* Added libgirepository1.0-dev to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added libgranite-dev to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added libgtk-3-dev to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added maya-calendar to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added midori-granite to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added noise to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added pantheon-calculator to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added pantheon-files to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added pantheon-greeter to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added pantheon-photos to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added pantheon-print to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added pantheon-terminal to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added pantheon-xsession-settings to pantheon-shell [arm64]
* Added plank to pantheon-shell-recommends [arm64]
* Added python3-debian to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added scratch-text-editor to elementary-sdk-recommends [arm64
  armhf], pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added screenshot-tool to pantheon-recommends [arm64 armhf]
* Added slingshot-launcher to pantheon-shell [arm64]
* Added snap-photobooth to pantheon-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-a11y to desktop-recommends [arm64 armhf]
* Added switchboard-plug-about to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-applications to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-datetime to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-display to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-gcc-bluetooth to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-gcc-color to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-gcc-printer to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-gcc-sound to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-gcc-wacom to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-keyboard to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-locale to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad to desktop-recommends [arm64
* Added switchboard-plug-notifications to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-online-accounts to desktop-recommends [arm64
* Added switchboard-plug-pantheon-shell to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-parental-controls to desktop-recommends
* Added switchboard-plug-power to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added switchboard-plug-security-privacy to desktop-recommends
* Added switchboard-plug-users to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added user-specific-alternatives to desktop-recommends [arm64]
* Added valac to elementary-sdk [arm64]
* Added wingpanel to pantheon-shell [arm64]

436. By Cody Garver on 2016-06-10

Add arm64

435. By Cody Garver on 2015-11-13

Lower debootstrap version

434. By RabbitBot on 2015-09-22

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added evolution-data-server-google2 to desktop-recommends [amd64
* Added evolution-data-server-outlook to desktop-recommends [amd64
* Added evolution-data-server-pantheon-online-accounts to desktop-
  recommends [amd64 i386]

433. By RabbitBot on 2015-09-17

* Refreshed dependencies
* Removed pulseaudio-module-gconf from desktop-recommends

432. By RabbitBot on 2015-09-16

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added screenshot-tool to pantheon-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Removed gnome-screenshot from desktop-recommends

431. By RabbitBot on 2015-09-13

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added apport-gtk to desktop-recommends
* Added apport-hooks-elementary to desktop-recommends
* Added elementary-os-prerelease to desktop-recommends

430. By RabbitBot on 2015-09-13

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added gsignond to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added gsignond-extension-pantheon to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added gsignond-plugin-lastfm to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added gsignond-plugin-oauth to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Added switchboard-plug-parental-controls to desktop-recommends

429. By RabbitBot on 2015-09-11

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added switchboard-plug-a11y to desktop-recommends [amd64 i386]
* Removed switchboard-plug-gcc-ua from desktop-recommends [amd64 armhf

428. By RabbitBot on 2015-08-29

* Refreshed dependencies
* Added switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad to desktop-recommends [amd64
* Removed switchboard-plug-gcc-mouse from desktop-recommends [amd64
  armhf i386]

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