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Eric Caudal - (elicoidal) wrote :

I think this is a first step to start getting FIFO cost calculation on

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On 05/21/2013 12:35 AM, Lorenzo Battistini - Agile BG wrote:
> Lorenzo Battistini - Agile BG has proposed merging lp:~elbati/stock-logistic-warehouse/adding_stock_lot_costing into lp:stock-logistic-warehouse.
> Requested reviews:
> Stock and Logistic Core Editors (stock-logistic-core-editors)
> For more details, see:
> Stock valuation (standard or average price, ...) based on lots.
> This module extends standard stock valuation (based on products). Valuing lots allows to have different costs for different lots of the same product.
> Usage
> -----
> Set the 'Lot valuation' flag on product form (used for real time valuation).
> As for products, lots have 'cost' and 'costing method' fields. Also, a 'Change Standard Price' wizard is available

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