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Ed S (edgar-b-dsouza) wrote :

Jono, quick question:
To present the Firefox-style yellow bar with button, I propose to use an event box which contains an hbox inside which is a label and button.

I'd earlier put this into the Acire .ui file using Glade, but was wondering whether I could ask you to give a specific name to the vbox "vbox4" (which contains the editor viewport, docs_box etc), such as "right_pane_vbox" (or better name); and if I could just pass a reference to this vbox to depchecker.check_script() in snippet_selected() in bin/acire -- then build the partial UI mentioned above, on the fly. Would this be OK, or would you prefer to have all the UI components in the .ui file - i.e. added via Glade?

If the latter, are you still hacking bin/acire and its .ui file? When do you expect to push an updated version to trunk, that I can pull and apply changes to?

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