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Jono Bacon (jonobacon) wrote :

> Thanks for the heads-up, Jono... I tried updating the other day, and
> Bazaar Explorer tells me I'm already on a "divergent" branch :-P so
> what I'm doing is just what you say - keep as much of the new code as
> possible outside bin/acire and its .ui file. That will make merging
> easier for me just before uploading for merge proposal. I'm still
> refactoring/writing new code/testing and debugging, so merge proposal
> is a few days away yet (had some other things take up time, so haven't
> put in as much time as I'd like on Acire). My paying work cycle starts
> on the 8th (to the 21st) so I intend to have this feature merged (or
> at least proposed) by then, since I'll most likely be unable to work
> on the project at all during those days.

This all sounds great, Ed. What would also be great to factor into your design and code is to possibly have a file which deals with the general tasks of checking which modules a snippet uses and detecting the OS, and then loading a separate .py file which has a standard set of methods for dealing with the logic of searching for and installing packages. This means that we could then open it up to other distros to simply provide a .py file appropriate to them.

Just a thought.

Thanks, Ed!

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