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Ed S (edgar-b-dsouza) wrote :

On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 12:38 AM, Jono Bacon <email address hidden> wrote:
> Just so you know, I just released 0.4 ( - I may merge a few small changes in there and bug fixes: a few people have a few things that are working on.

Nice. :-)

> Bring it on!

OK, at some point in the future :)

> Another contributor is actually working on clearing the terminal. :-)

Ah - OK, good. I'm curious to see if s/he finds any other way than
resetting the terminal, which is all I could figure out.
Er - if I might ask - is there a mailing list, or IRC channel or
something where contributors discuss?

>> - shift the Exec/Copy/SaveAs buttonbar below the SourceView
> Yeah, I have been thinking about this too. We may want to fix this.

Not a big change, maybe it can be done even before the dep checker.

>> - see if I can (at runtime) add the shortcuts for the three buttons
> Aha, good idea.
> So maybe we can fix these issues after you land the dep checker?

If they're not done by then, yes, I will.

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