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Jono Bacon (jonobacon) wrote :

> Oh, good! Keeping on pulling revisions and merging code again is a bit
> of a pain... yeah, I know that's how collaborative dev is done, but
> still :)


> Also, I could propose for merge a later feature branch (after you
> agree we've got this dependency thing in and looking good) with some
> quick changes I have in mind (below).

Sounds good. :-)

Just so you know, I just released 0.4 ( - I may merge a few small changes in there and bug fixes: a few people have a few things that are working on.
> Yes, I understand... two-way merges are enough trouble for me, when it
> gets more complicated... ugh! I've done my best to have each new
> feature branch as a revision on tip; for Acire, where we don't have
> many people working on it, this is easy to do, but for bigger teams...
> project leader really has a tough time, I guess!

Indeed! While there will be a few changes here and there, I recommend you regularly update your branch to ensure you don't need to rebase it much. :-)

> > Ed, you rock, seriously! Also, we have 149 snippets, and Acire becomes more
> and more useful every day! :-)
> Heh - thanks! :-) If I apply for Ubuntu Membership, I'm going to ask
> you to sign my page :-)

Bring it on!

> I have some quick ideas I'd like to try:
> - add a pushbutton to clear the VTEterm. Also add a checkbox
> "Auto-clear on each run". For the occasional snippet that does
> terminal output, it can get confusing for the user to determine which
> is the latest output, especially if user is modifying code in the
> GTKSourceView.

Another contributor is actually working on clearing the terminal. :-)

> - shift the Exec/Copy/SaveAs buttonbar below the SourceView - it's a
> more logical place for it in the left-to-right, top-to-bottom flow for
> the UI: load code in the sourceview using the combo and treeview,
> (optionally) edit the code, hit Exec, see output in the VTETerm below.

Yeah, I have been thinking about this too. We may want to fix this.

> - see if I can (at runtime) add the shortcuts for the three buttons
> into their captions. Additionally, I'm thinking of changing the Copy
> button shortcut... when I want to copy only a portion of the snippet
> from the sourceview, I hit Ctrl-C and the button copies ALL the
> snippet to the clipboard. I've been bitten several times (and I added
> the shortcut! :-( ) -- I think other users might be annoyed too. Wish
> we had more feedback.

Aha, good idea.

So maybe we can fix these issues after you land the dep checker?

Thanks, Ed!

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