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Ed S (edgar-b-dsouza) wrote :

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 11:58 PM, Jono Bacon <email address hidden> wrote:
> Hi Ed!
> No worries about it taking time: today I am going to try and get 0.5 released (which is the code currently in lp:acire). I don't plan on any changes to Acire in the next few weeks. This will provide a stable target for you to hack against.

Oh, good! Keeping on pulling revisions and merging code again is a bit
of a pain... yeah, I know that's how collaborative dev is done, but
still :)
Also, I could propose for merge a later feature branch (after you
agree we've got this dependency thing in and looking good) with some
quick changes I have in mind (below).

> As for branches: I don't mind if you use the same branch or a new one, so long as when the work is complete I have a branch that I can cleanly merge into lp:acire.

OK, thanks for clearing that up.

Yes, I understand... two-way merges are enough trouble for me, when it
gets more complicated... ugh! I've done my best to have each new
feature branch as a revision on tip; for Acire, where we don't have
many people working on it, this is easy to do, but for bigger teams...
project leader really has a tough time, I guess!

> Ed, you rock, seriously! Also, we have 149 snippets, and Acire becomes more and more useful every day! :-)

Heh - thanks! :-) If I apply for Ubuntu Membership, I'm going to ask
you to sign my page :-)

I have some quick ideas I'd like to try:
- add a pushbutton to clear the VTEterm. Also add a checkbox
"Auto-clear on each run". For the occasional snippet that does
terminal output, it can get confusing for the user to determine which
is the latest output, especially if user is modifying code in the
- shift the Exec/Copy/SaveAs buttonbar below the SourceView - it's a
more logical place for it in the left-to-right, top-to-bottom flow for
the UI: load code in the sourceview using the combo and treeview,
(optionally) edit the code, hit Exec, see output in the VTETerm below.
- see if I can (at runtime) add the shortcuts for the three buttons
into their captions. Additionally, I'm thinking of changing the Copy
button shortcut... when I want to copy only a portion of the snippet
from the sourceview, I hit Ctrl-C and the button copies ALL the
snippet to the clipboard. I've been bitten several times (and I added
the shortcut! :-( ) -- I think other users might be annoyed too. Wish
we had more feedback.

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