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Jono Bacon (jonobacon) wrote :

Hi Ed!

Q1 - my recommendation would be the following use case:

  1. User loads a snippet that does not have a module installed.
  2. Above the source view a little bar appears (like the plugin missing bar in Firefox) where it says what module(s) are missing and a button called 'Install'.
  3. User clicks the 'Install' button, a dialog box pops up to confirm what will be installed, the user clicks the 'OK' button, is asked for password and then a dialog displays progress of the installation.
  4. The bar disappears from the snippet.

I would prefer that the code for this feature does not clutter up bin/acire if possible. Probably best is that the logic lives in a file called and there is a separate .py file with the dialog box.

Sound doable?

Q2 - I would like you to sync your branch to the current lp:acire branch and work in your worn branch. We can then test it until it is working and then I will merge it into lp:acire. :-)

Glad the PPA side of things is dropped: let's keep the core feature our focus.

Thanks, Ed, you rock! :-)

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