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Jono Bacon (jonobacon) wrote :

Thanks for doing this work, Ed! I merged it into my local copy and I see you added some dialogs but I don't see how they are exposed in the UI, so I could not test it. How do I see it working?

Also, I think we need to think carefully about an elegant way of exposing this in the UI. My thinking of what could be cool would be to put a yellow bar at the top of the source view that says:

  This snippet requires additional Python modules to run. Click here to install them...

You would then click the yellow area and dialog box would inform you of what needs installing and grab them from the repos.

As for supporting third-party PPAs for modules, I think this is out of scope for a first cut: I would not bother focusing on that - just support the main repos.

One final consideration is that I would like to ensure this is as pluggable as possible for different distros: I don't want to make Acire depend on Ubuntu. So it could be useful to detect which distro Acire is running on and then have a plugin system that implements how Acire interacts with different distros. This means that if someone runs on Fedora as an example, the module search will use yum.

Thanks for your hard work, Ed!

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