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edso ( wrote :

On 10.11.2014 17:00, Kenneth Loafman wrote:
> Review: Needs Fixing
> I like the general cleanup.
> A couple of changes:
> Please leave the file naming as it was. I had set these to be underscore-first to show they were called by the main ssh backend. See _boto*, _cf*.

with my mods there is no ssh backend anymore. backends can provide by registering scheme backend+sftp, backend+scp .. the default backends simply get assigned the prefixless scheme in addition.

as these backends are now equal i removed the underscore.. for the future i planned to remove the backend switching parameters for boto/cf as well and streamline it into the use of prefixes instead.

> I would like to see sftp: and scp: protocols go away.


>In reality they are just subsets of the OpenSSH (or other) package. You really can't run just scp: since we need 'ls' and 'del'. If we continue to allow these we need to emphasize that these are just aliases for ssh:.

not true. paramiko has a proper scp support using _no_ (open)ssh binaries and listing via ssh remote shell, as far as i have seen.

i see no problem listing openssh as a requirement (like for the pexpect backend) for lftp+sftp then.


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