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4a0d389... by James Hebden

[jhebden] Onsite fixes to 17.02

214fe0b... by ubuntu <email address hidden>

[jhebden] Fixed redirect to use HTTP_HOST

200394f... by David Ames

Updates for stable branch creation

Set default branch for git review/gerrit.

Switch amulet tests to stable.

Switch to using stable charm-helpers branch.

Change-Id: I896e3ee78438ecdc07006903c8bca7cd34e2a165

1a47844... by David Ames

Pre-release charm-helpers sync 17.02

Get each charm up to date with lp:charm-helpers for release testing.

Change-Id: I426f81cf4f43435a92bc2a7f48572587637d27cd

9ad940a... by Liam Young

Add default for webroot

If the webroot is set to an empty string then the rendered
Apache config is syntactically invalid so this change
sets it to '/' as a sensible default

Change-Id: Iae1ca509e9668a676a1220f354e3f9a5f0e2aadf
Closes-Bug: 1590309

0eab424... by Liam Young

Re-enable plugins ability to send local_settings

In the past the plugin interface was renamed but the context was
not updated meaning that subordinates could no longer send plugin
data. This change fixes the relation name the context uses and
updates the Newton template to render these settings (earlier
templates already do this)

Closes-Bug: 1578824

Change-Id: I57e4e526019bc91bdf1df77c60da33ae108e0b49

d98547f... by Corey Bryant

Align ocata apache2 conf with package

Static assets are moved to /var/lib/openstack-dashboard/static/
and user/group is changed to www-data.

Change-Id: Idd852152d8eb0a89fe09ec8d48bef7a74581fea6

6f34e1e... by Corey Bryant

Ensure memcached service is restarted with apache2

Upgrade testing of openstack-dashboard was unsuccessful due
to memcached not being restarted.

Change-Id: Ib46f5dd3594184cbc3433c84e583d5ca35532330

8c9e468... by Anh Tran

Typo fix: accross => across

Change-Id: I24e8a8f73f772c1cdeec753e088d9c8d12abc4c2

155ddfa... by Seyeong Kim

Add customization-module option

Add customization-module option for supporting
customize override layout horizon.
This adds HORIZON_CONFIG["customization-module"] to

Change-Id: I610c74b64de1c0b0cbb7604ac1894d859828f1a0
Closes-Bug: 1618675