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4533ce8... by edso

fix:usr: More argparse refinements, especially wrt. removed/changed options ...

72456c1... by Kenneth Loafman

fix:usr: Fix mega v1 backend. Fixes #762.

37e33fd... by edso

fix:usr: Refix format of paramiko host authenticity message.

do not enforce paramiko 3.2
show SHA256 fingerprint only w/ paramiko 3.2+
Fixes #760

6830a1a... by Kenneth Loafman

fix:usr: Fix format of authenticity message.

Also add requirements for paramiko>=3.2

Fixes #760

e7ad4de... by Kenneth Loafman

fix:usr: Add -f to lftp mkdir to ignore existing dirs.

Fixes #721

d96c101... by Kenneth Loafman

fix:usr: Whoops, paramiko uses MD5 not SHA256.

8bd74ee... by Kenneth Loafman

fix:usr: Adjust paramiko host key format to hex.

Fixes #760.

b5b0182... by Kenneth Loafman

fix:pkg: Adjust debian/control and requirements.txt.

- Change boto to boto3.
- Remove python3-future.
- Fixes #761.

6f35591... by Kenneth Loafman

fix:usr: Restore s3_use_server_side_encryption.

0c38530... by Kenneth Loafman

chg:pkg: New Crowdin updates