Last commit made on 2020-02-09
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e0aa986... by ken <> on 2020-02-09

* Update status to end-of-life.

19865e7... by "<email address hidden>" <> on 2019-06-11

* Merged in lp:~aaron-whitehouse/duplicity/07-snap
  - Add snapcraft packaging instructions for 0.7 series

2bb9f00... by Aaron Whitehouse on 2019-05-30

* Merge with trunk

e85cd74... by Aaron Whitehouse on 2019-05-30

* Add openssh-client to the dependencies for ssh_pexpect_backend.py
* Added snap/local/changelog.txt and snap/local/README-SNAP.txt

b3c842e... by "<email address hidden>" <> on 2019-05-20

* Merged in lp:~mgorse/duplicity/0.7-series
  - Fix bug 1828869: refresh CollectionsStatus after sync

29605d3... by Mgorse on 2019-05-20

Fix bug#1828869: refresh CollectionsStatus after sync

63fdc8e... by Aaron Whitehouse on 2019-05-08

Added dependencies from the deb package

bb5bf5b... by Aaron Whitehouse on 2019-05-06

Add dependencies for backends. Add Snap changelog in snap/local/changelog.txt

8a3519b... by "<email address hidden>" <> on 2019-04-29

New in v0.7.19 (2019/04/29)
* Fixed bug #1798206 and bug #1798504
  - Made paramiko a global with import during __init__ so it would
    not be loaded unless needed.
* Merged in lp:~mterry/duplicity/pydrive-root-0.7
  - Just a tiny fix to clean up the temporary file we create to find the root ID.
    It's a little surprising for the user if they wind up with this file called
    "i_am_in_root" that they don't know where it came from. Almost sounds like
    they were hacked.
* Merged in lp:~yajo/duplicity/duplicity
  - Support partial metadata sync.
  - Fixes bug #1823858 by letting the user to choose partial syncing. Only the metadata for the target chain
    will be downloaded. If older (or newer) chains are encrypted with a different passphrase, the user will
    be able to restore to a given time by supplying only the passphrase for the chain selected by
    the `--restore-time` option when using this new option.
  - A side effect is that using this flag reduces dramatically the sync time when moving files from one to
    another location, in cases where big amounts of chains are found.
* Prep for release.

da078a5... by Aaron Whitehouse on 2019-04-27

Remove version restriction on dropbox. This restriction is in our requirements.txt, but looks to have been fixed (lp:1639664)