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37. By Monty Taylor

Removed rot13 plugin.

36. By Monty Taylor

Fixed some naming issues.

35. By Monty Taylor

Fix a problem with c++ weak symbols creeping in.

34. By Monty Taylor

* New upstream release (Closes: #623009, #615672)
* Split out libdrizzle2.0 and libdrizzle1.0.
* New upstream release.
* Added slave plugin.
* Removed archive, blackhole and blitzdb plugins.
* Moved location of libdrizzle headers.
* Removed drizzleadmin manpage patch.
* Add drizzle_safe_write_string to symbols.
* New upstream release.
* Sleep no longer an so.
* Re-add get-orig-source, but this time with working.
* New symbol added to libdrizzle.
* Location of include files changed.
* Added pkg-config files.
* New upstream release.
* Incorporated all patches upstream.
* Added unix-socket-protocol package. Disabled it by default.
* Added files back to drizzle.install that were removed on accident.
* Removed reference to /usr/share/drizzle7 - unused.
* Removed plugin files that are now built static.
* Added patch to not build the debug plugin.
* Added libldap2-dev build depend.
* Removed reference to /usr/share/drizzle7 - unused.
* New upstream release.
* Updated the -Werror patch.
* Updated copyright file.
* Removed get-orig-source target which didn't work right.
* Disabled -W on sphinx-build.
* Disable intersphinx mappings. They break in the ubuntu builders.
* New upstream release.
* Merged in changes to copyright file from Lee.
* New upstream release.
* Fixed missing build depends.
* Added Lee to uploaders.
* Removed pbxt plugin - is disabled in tree upstream.
* Removed libnotifymm-dev from build depends and references to the
  errmsg-notify plugin. It causes build to not work on arm, and it's
  really not actually a very useful plugin anyway.
* New upstream release.
* Added libaio-dev build depend for InnoDB.
* Removed libpcre patch - applied upstream.
* Fixed how we were linking libpcre (LP: #688819)
* Turn on verbose build per request from doko.
* New upstream release.
* Remove preinst script - it was actually a bad idea.
* New upstream release.
* Turn off -Werror for packaging builds. (Closes: #602662)
* Update rules file to put datadir in the right place. (LP: #677121)
* Add migration script to fix fallout from 677121.
* New upstream release.
* Updated libgearman version depend.
* Fixed libreadline version requirement.
* Updated copyright file and added some missed files.
* Made patch headers follow DEP-3 format.
* New upstream release.
* drizzledump.1 manpage shipping in tarball now.
* Removed quilt patches for things applied upstream.
* Renamed drizzle-server to drizzle.
* Removed unused README.Maintainer.
* Modified for Natty.
* Added upstart script.
* Backport for Maverick.
* Maverick PPA pid-file fix.
* Maverick PPA.
* Merged in changes from Clint.
* Backported for maverick PPA.

33. By Monty Taylor

Moved the license removal to dh_installdocs.

32. By Monty Taylor

Add drizzle_safe_write_string to symbols.

31. By Monty Taylor

Removed drizzleadmin manpage patch.

30. By Monty Taylor

Moved location of libdrizzle headers.

29. By Monty Taylor


28. By Monty Taylor

Actually install the slave.cfg file.

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