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9476a7a... by Chad Smith on 2020-06-03

changelog: update 24.2 version for bug-fix-release

15d8475... by Chad Smith on 2020-06-03

update version to 24.2 for bug-fix-release

9ab6057... by Chad Smith on 2020-06-03

tests: add unit tests for aws-gov/aws-china cloud detection

Fixes: #1077

6f0846f... by Robert C Jennings on 2020-06-02

Add AWS China and GovCloud partitions (#1077)

China and US GovCloud are separate partitions of AWS' cloud. The `cloud-id`
tool used to identify the clouds and map them to their auto-attach logic only
works in the primary aws partition. This patch adds support for China and GovCloud.

c8d14d8... by Chad Smith on 2020-05-22

update changelog for 24.1 bug-fix release

64934fa... by Chad Smith on 2020-05-22

version: fallback to debian/changelog version for git-ubuntu branches

When uploading via git-ubuntu merge proposals, upstream tags like
<majorver>.<minor> don't exist because branches are in the
git-ubuntu pkg repo instead of ubuntu-advantage-client upstream.

As a result, `git describe .. --match [0-9]*` fails to find a
matching signed tag starting with a digit because tags there start
with 'pkg/import/<uaclient_release_version>'.

This breaks local tox and autopkgtest validation of our package.

Since git-ubuntu validate is only perfored when
ubuntu-advantage-tools uploads are being performed, debian/changelog
version is known to be set.

Add a fallback option to parse dpkg-parsechangelog so unit tests
and autopkgtests succeed for the git-ubuntu release workflow

Fixes: #1058

4c42aa1... by Chad Smith on 2020-05-18

update changelog for 24.1 bug-fix release

332301f... by Chad Smith on 2020-05-18

update version to 24.1 for bug-fix-release

0e9ee29... by Chad Smith on 2020-05-08

livepatch: run snap wait system snap.seeded before trying to install (#1051)

Before installing additional snaps, we need to wait for snap seeding
to complete. Make sure blocking is called always instead of just
when we have installed the snapd deb package.

Fixes: #1049

5d6f5d8... by Chad Smith on 2020-05-18

update changelog for release 24.0