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416d317... by Chad Smith on 2020-08-13

apt-hook: package apt-hook and apt configuration files on all releases

Fixes: #1150

4f9c235... by Lucas Albuquerque Medeiros de Moura on 2020-08-12

Fix enable fail bug

Currently, if a service fails when being enabled, we will
show an error messaging stating that the service could not
be found. That is because we treating beta service exceptions
exactly the same as we treat other enable errors. We are now fixing
that behaviour by differentiating beta errors from other
exceptions that may happen when enabling a service.

2cf1020... by Lucas Albuquerque Medeiros de Moura on 2020-08-10

Improve esm tests

Improve test for both esm-infra and esm-apps
We are asserting than we these services are enable, we
can install packages from them without an issue.

For esm-apps, were testing using a staging token, because
of the type of contract we are using to enable esm-apps.

83b0fca... by Chad Smith on 2020-08-10

Merge pull request #1141 from canonical/testing/aws-non-pro

Add AWS and Azure integration test support for non-Ubuntu PRO images.

This PR adds two new tox targets and travis jobs: behave-azure and behave-aws which run BDD scenarios decorated with
the tags `uses.context.config.machine_type.aws.generic` or `uses.context.config.machine_type.azure.generic` for AWS and Azure respectively.

These tox targets/travis jobs will use pycloudlib's released_image(<series>) to obtain the latest public image on the cloud platform instead of specifically requesting the PRO image ids on the cloud.

Each generic (non-pro) image requires proper cloud credentials as UACLIENT_BEHAVE_* environment variables as well
as a UACLIENT_BEHAVE_CONTRACT_TOKEN in order to attach the maching to Ubuntu Advantage.

Additionally, we make the travis jobs depend on conditional inclusion only if on of the required environment variables is present to allow for private repos to run a subset of integration tests without failing if they don't wish to run Azure or AWS for instance.

341696f... by Chad Smith on 2020-08-09

tests: add pro trusty, aws.generic and azure.generic test cases

e2e4ed3... by Chad Smith on 2020-08-09

tox: no longer capture stdout/stderr centralize behave config in tox.ini

9523061... by Chad Smith on 2020-08-09

docs: update info on running aws and azure integration tests

b67a950... by Chad Smith on 2020-08-09

travis: jobs conditional on expected env vars, add non-pro azure and ec2

8867d47... by Chad Smith on 2020-08-09


c591693... by Chad Smith on 2020-08-09

tests: support aws.generic and azure.generic machine_types and trusty

Any machine_type containing azure or aws will result in initializing
pycloudlib's Azure or EC2 Cloud instances for driving tests.

Add trusty support for machine base image initialization by providing
deprecated `apt_sources` cloud-config which is supported on
cloud-init 0.7.5 on trusty.

Add cloud_api image cleanup in after_all for non-lxd test runs.
Wrap build_debs in emit_spinner_on_travis to avoid timeouts.